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Miscellaneous Points (Aimed more at teacher than student.)

Initial Stage - Topic Choice

Choosing Your Topic
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Managing within a class of 20+ students

Continual Record of Tasks Stage

Record of Tasks form: .rtf - Continually needs to be updated
Record of Tasks Example from "Richard Mulkman" Example from IB

Criterion A - Planning

Word count goal: 500 max.

*********** For IA first draft etc. HW uploads/IA submissions, use the Internal Assessment page on Haiku. ***********

Don't do any Netbeans coding instruction before Criterion A, so that actual planning gets done before coding.

But.... at least a bit is not a bad idea before Criterion B, to allow envisioning of the approximate overall structure of the porogram, for design purposes.

Criterion B - Solution/Design Overview

Word count goal: 100 max.

Just one thing to keep in mind metioned many places, but it's really, really important, especially for B and C:
Formatting is so, so important for proper communication. Make all of this as visual as you can. Avoid long narratives, and have lots of picutres, screen-shots, bulleted lists, and tables.

JSR Note: Remember half-way through P to revisit.

Criterion "P" - Programming

Criterion C - Development

Word count goal: 900 max.

Criterion D - Functionality and Extensibility of Products

Word count goal: 0 max.

Criterion E - Evaluation

Word count goal: 500 max.

Wrapping Up







Plus a couple of "retired" pages that may have some useful reference information:

Example of my Grading Rubric (both for me to use, and for students to know what is used)

Homework Days First Year Through