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Record of Tasks form: .rtf - But don't lose your on-going copy!!
Record of Tasks Example from "Richard Mulkman" Example from IB

Scope & Sequence Points
Miscellaneous Points (Lots there, but not too organized at this point.)

Choosing Your Topic

Past Dossiers and dossier ideas.

General approach to these criteria and their submissions:
If possible, each submitted as first and final drafts.
The only two things that can be further tweaked after the final draft are the code itself and the video.
(Though there are little things that will likely need to be adjusted in the Final Stages work.)

Criterion A - Planning

Criterion B - Solution Overview

Just one thing to keep in mind metioned many places, but it's really, really important, especially for B and C:
Formatting is so, so important for proper communication. Make all of this as visual as you can. Avoid long narratives,
and have lots of picutres, screen-shots, bulleted lists, and tables.

Criterion "P" - Programming

Criterion C - Development

Criterion D - Functionality and Extensibility of Products

Criterion E - Evaluation

Wrapping Up





Plus a couple of "retired" pages that may have some useful reference information:

Example of my Grading Rubric (both for me to use, and for students to know what is used)

Homework Days First Year Through