Criterion D - Functionality & Extensibility of Product

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    Criterion D: Functionality and extensibility of product

    This criterion should be completed as two parts and does not require any additional written documentation.

    Functionality of the product

    The student must use the video to demonstrate the product functioning. This evidence will be supported, where possible, by the product on the CD-ROM/DVD or USB.

    Extensibility of product

    The student should design the product so that it can be maintained by another party and/or be further developed. Therefore the design of the product should include appropriate folder and data structures, intuitive file and/or class naming conventions and, where appropriate, comments in the code.

    Criterion D: Functionality and extensibility of product (4 marks)

    This criterion assesses the extent to which the product:

    • functions, as evidenced in the video

    • can be expanded and modified by future users as evidenced in the design and development documentation.




    The response does not reach a standard described by the descriptors below.


    The video shows that the product functions partially. Some expansion and modification of the product is possible but difficult.


    The video shows that the product functions well. Some expansion and modifications of the product are straightforward.


    Functionality and extensibility of product

    Evidence of functionality


    Video of product functioning plus, if necessary or appropriate, document including screenshots showing the product functioning should be included in the documentation folder with information on how to access it on the cover page.



    Assessed through design overview and, where appropriate, code listing.