Criterion B - Solution Overview

Instructions and Advice - Testing Plan

It is suggested that for each of your tab panels, you take a screen shot (and probably re-size it a bit), to remind your reader of what your program does. And then design your testing strategy for each tab.

For sure, do whatever you think works in terms of the structure of your testing plan. But one way or the other, you need to cover what should be expected with normal functioning, and you need to also anticipate as many things as you can think of that could go wrong, and note them along with what should happen, such as an error dialog showing.

So suggested below are two categories of testing: "Testing General Functionality", and "Testing Particular Correct & Erroneous Input".


Add Flight Tab

Testing General Functionality

Action To Test Method of testing / Expected Result
Toggle button for domestic/international flight

Click the toggle button.

It should go back and forth between saying international and domestic.

Adding flight details (slightly different for domestic and international flights)

Try both international and domestic, and look at result on display tab.

Entry of new flight to the flight queue.

Enter various possible data.

Upon press of the Add Flight button, the visible result is
- the fields all go back to default values

And internally, the flight is added to the back of the queue

Testing Particular Correct & Erroneous Input

Input Normal Border Abnormal Extreme

All comboboxes:

Airline Selection

Non-initial titles.

So, for example, Tom Yum Khun, or Germany

Try the first and last in the list.

Initial titles - so user forgot to choose

- Warning Message, and not taken in/parsed

No extreme, since combobox used.


Flight Number



- Warning message and re-entry for 0

single digits

- for single digits, warning message and re-entry if no number

No number

Negative number

Real number

- In all cases re-entry required, and reason why stated

Really big number.

- Limit to four digits, re-entry warning

Time Spinners

1 & 50

22 & 10

0 & 0

- Warning message to confirm midnight entry intended

N/A - since spinners set up to 0 - 24 & 0 - 60; but double check. N/A - same; see abnormal.

Display Flight Queue Tab

Testing General Functionality

Action To Test Method of testing / Expected Result
Refreshing of the table

Click the refresh button.

All flights in the queue should show from the next to take off down to the last added to the queue.

Flight code&number added together and properly displayed

In flight column, such as:


Removing of a flight

Click the OK (remove) button.

The top flight should disappear, and all other flights shift up.

And no double flight issue at the bottom.

Testing Particular Correct & Erroneous Input

Covid Warning Testing

Domestic Covid Warning
One of the three deserts and any time None
TomYum & before 18:00 None
TomYum & after 18:00 Warning about cooking after 6 p.m.

International Covid Warning
Non Shengen: China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Germany, Great Britain None
Czech Republic, Germany Warning about doing extra Covid paperwork






Overall key point from past grading
Try not to have any full sentences at all, or this could count as part of the word count. Try in general to make all of section B to be diagrammatic, so here with testing, keep the descriptions as short and not sentences.

Repeat of Overall key point from past grading
Keep up with your Record of Tasks; now would be a good time to make sure you have all of the things you have done for Criterion B recorded.