Criterion B - Solution Overview

Instructions and Advice - Testing Plan

For each of your tab panels, take a screen shot of it (and probably re-size it a bit), and discuss the things that the user will do with that tab, and include sections about normal functioning, as well as situations that might cause problems.

Use the following example to guide you, and do use exactly the same sub-sections ("Things Done on this Tab" etc.), though note that the example is not exhaustive of all the things you might put here. And for sure, do whatever you think in terms of the structure of the table. But one thing is to make sure you think about all the different things that could go wrong, and note them along with what should happen, such as an error dialog showing.

The example here is only showing one tab; you will need a screen shot and testing table etc. for each tab.

Enter Player Details Tab

GUI tab

On the Enter Player Details tab, the user will enter various information about the player. Text fields are used in all cases, which means that any text can be entered.

Things Done on this Tab

- Inputs

• Basketball player names are input.
• The numbers associated with each player are also input.

- Internal Functioning

• Instances of the Player class are made and assigned to an array of players.

Input Normal Border Abnormal Extreme
Name John Smith

Short name like JR

No name input

- Short names are OK, but no name results in a re-entry Warning message

Czech etc. characters


- Warning Message, and not taken in/parsed

Very long name - 30+characters

- No limit on what allowed here.

Player Number 25


No number input

- 0 is OK, but warning message and re-entry if no number

String input; ex. Two

Negative number

Real number

- In all cases re-entry required

Really big number.

- Limit to two digits, re-entry warning

Player instances made An instance with a name and a number set. N/A N/A N/A





Overall key point from past grading
Try not to have any full sentences at all, or this could count as part of the word count. Try in general to make all of section B to be diagrammatic, so here with testing, keep the descriptions as short and not sentences.

Repeat of Overall key point from past grading
Keep up with your Record of Tasks; now would be a good time to make sure you have all of the things you have done for Criterion B recorded.