Criterion B - Solution Overview

Instructions and Advice - Input & Output

(Overall key point from past grading: It is within Criterion B that the Record of Tasks is included during the grading process, so a key point here is to keep up with it. In the past, marks have had to be deducted for inadequate number of entries in the Record of Tasks. This is difficult to do after the fact; you should be regularly updating this document.)

- And remember that with all documents - for each stage - do put your name at the top.

For doing Stage B, we are basically following the Maps Coloring example, which you have a paper copy of (and here's a link to a pdf of it).

Input - This is a table of all the inputs, as your user would see it. Your table likely would have three columns: Input, Data Type, and Example, So, for example:

Input Data Type


Student name String "Henry Smith"

Output - The same, only what the user will see after having clicked on any and all of the buttons etc. that are part of the program.