Criterion B - Solution Overview

Final, Final Prototype & Prototyping Process (again)

You already spent a lot of time developing and re-working prototypes in Criterion A, but this is a process that should definitely continue on into the Design stage.

In fact, the whole purpose of the Design stage is to think, re-think, and re-think some more about how the program should be developed, before you start coding. Through the process of everything from coming up with inputs and outputs, to your chronological plan, everything you did so far in this Criterion B got you to think about your progam, and in the process, things, and ideas you had were bound to change.

So now is an important time to do a "final, final" prototype before you set off to actual coding.


1. Make your "Final, Final" Prototype

Tidy up and make any changes to your GUI based on things that came up or you thought of during Criterion B.

2. Assemble this (Criterion B) Prototyping Process Section

In this section your job is to show the process of your prototyping; not just one initial prototype, or a final prototype, but the whole process from start to finish. Include the following:

1. (From Criterion A) Picture of Changed Original Prototype
The picture of the changed prototype (from Criterion A); the picture(s) of the paper(s), with corrections and suggestions marked in pencil/pen on it from your Prototype Interview. You could have either scanned this/these at the library printer, or taken a picture with your phone.

(If the pictures are not great quality, or if you prefer, you could include both pictures of your orignal prototype, and then the pictures of the changed prototypes. But in all likelihood both the original intent of the prototype, and the changes will be clear with just the changed prototype pictures.)

2. (From Criterion A) Changes Paragraph
The (original, Criterion A) concise paragraph summarizing the changes proposed after showing the prototype to the user in the Prototype Interview. (Again, this should already have been done already.)

- Or, in fact, it may be better to put the summary paragraph first, and then the images.

3. The Final, Final Prototype (or even a couple or a few different "Final" Prototypes)
(As referred to above) the final prototype, re-worked in Netbeans to reflect the changes/alterations/improvements done during, or at the end of Criterion B.

And, also include any other mid-Criterion B versions.

4. Optional: Another Changes Paragraph, and/or Another Interview
I'm not requiring, or even necessarily suggesting another interveiw, mid-Criterion B, or at the end of Criterion B. But, if the way things go, you think it a good idea to get together with your client to discuss some potential changes that come up in the process of doing Criterion B, by all means, meet with them, and add here another changed picture, and/or another "changes" paragraph, and/or indeed, another interview transcript and/or audio file.