IA Solution Ideas
(aka "Dossier of ideas")

Client Choice

2021 options to consider.

- A parent. This, overall is usually the best choice.

- Another adult that you see regularly, like an older brother or sister or a current teacher.

- Alternatively, one general approach is to think of a busy person you know, and ask them how you could help them with some sort of program, database or otherwise. 


Sample of ISB IA Solutions & Problem Statements 2016-22

ISB Class of 2022 Sampler

Solid Netbeans GUI + OOP




Netbeans + MySQL





php Driven Web Development



Extra tools

Panpan (pdf generation)

Sorn (graphs)

Prae (input from files)

Basic Googlescript


ISB Class of 2021















ISB Class of 2020

Alex B.        PC Building Application

Alex S.        IASAS DATABASE - "Example IA Project", Good database

Brian        Tutee Tutor Pairing App

Chun        Recipe Organizing App

Bhu        Answer Sheet Program

Hokeun        Players Injury and Treatment Database

Jacob        Student Management Program

Josh        Math Transformation Grapher - "Example IA Project", Cool idea well done

Kaila        To Do List App

Man        Twitter Planner App Launcher

Nont        Music Analysis Program - "Example IA Project", Cool idea well done

Nut        PokeAdvisor

Shubha        Remind Me

Winner        Fitness Trackers

Yichen        VEX Robotic Materials Management System

ISB Class of 2019 Sampler

Palette Tracker (***very original***) - "Example IA Project", Cool idea well done
A visual way for an artist to develop, track, and choose future color palettes for projects. - Proud
(For ones like this, Right-click, and Open in Quicktime Player to run.)

Investor's Transactions Tracker (solid database) - "Example IA Project", Good database
All the most important database features and calculations needed for tracking and determining new stock market investments. - Guy

"Familinage" Family Chores Determiner
Keeps track of chores that have been done by the family, and based on the history of chores done, along with other factors, suggests which chores should be done by who, when. - Haruto

Beach Picker (***very original***)
Connects to the Internet to download information (via JSON) about beaches within a certain distance of the chosen destination. - Alex

Address Book
Complete address book solution. - Gabriel

Flights Visualizer
Database and analystics for an airline to determine the viability and profitability of various flights. - TigerBee

Plus Other Ideas from the Class of 2019:


ISB Class of 2018 Sampler

Medication Tracker (solid database) - "Example IA Project", Good database
My mom and maid have trouble reading and keeping track of grandmother’s medicine prescription given by the doctor. On the other hand, doctor writes prescription on a booklet making it difficult to make changes and it can be lost. - Peem

Password Manager (***very original***)
My mother who works as a co-ceo of silver jewelry company has difficulties managing and storing passwords. - Arif

Athletics Awards Tracker (solid database)
ISB is suffering from organizational inefficiency in storing and calculating appropriate awards for athletes at the end of each year. - Alan

Production Costs and Time Engine
The firm UOI (Union and Oji Interpack Ltd) is taking extra amounts of unneeded time to manually calculate production costs and production time. - Jimmy

Recipe Helper
My client uses an organisational system combining paper and Microsoft excel, as such, she is not able to make various calculations automatically or quickly which results in inefficient use of her time. - Nico

Tutoring Orgainzer
My tutor is currently considering about using the other program for his student list since he is having difficulty organizing his student. - Kazuki

House Program Points Calculator
The house program at ISB does not have a standardized way and form of inputting, and calculating house points.

Tech Club Computer Database
Mr Bell, the advisor for the HS Tech club, needs a computer database which includes what computers have been refurbished and donated by HS Tech and which computers are currently in storage and where it is located. - Anirudha



ISP Dossiers & Problem Statements 2013-15

Pokeman-style game
A game engine working similarly to Pokeman, with many rooms to work through, many tasks to do, and many dangers to avoid. - Libor

Best-time-to-plant program
A local garden enthusiast wants a way to keep track of when she plants various vegetables and fruits, and wants to try to find a relationship between the date she planted various things, the date of the last frost, and the total weight of the crop for each fruit/vegetable. Thereby the ideal time to plant may be determined. - Martina

Robotics tournament scoring program
The organizer of a robotics tournament wants a digital way to keep track of the many and various scores during an FTC robotics tournament, and for the software to keep track of the team standings and declare match winners and overall winners. - Ivan

Track & field score organizer
The PE teacher needs a way to keep track of the many scores of a track and field event. Multiple attempts and other aspects of the tournament need to be considered. - Adam

Real estate client/properties relational database
A real estate agent wants a way to record and organize client information, and rental information, and to have the two sides of such a data base relate to each other in a simple, clear form. - Suzi

Film-watching organizer
An IB Film student needs an organized way to keep track of and remember the movies that she means to watch for film class. - Elsa

Homework proioritizing program
My client, in 11th grade student, needs a way to record and store his homework assignments to help them keep track of his homework. He also needs the program to help him determine when to do certain homework assignments. - Emil

Database for managing a school pond
The biology teacher is having a hard time managing the data of plants and animals around the school pond. - Yeong Bae

Common "prep" time determiner for school teaching faculty
The school principal needs a way to figure out when teachers have common "preps" so that he can arrange meetings with multiple teachers. This is especially difficult with the school's rotating schedule and mini-block. - Federico

CAS and Extended Essay database
The IB coordinator does not have a way of keeping a database which keeps track of all the CAS projects and extended essays. - Neel

Cross country season companion
The cross country coach has struggled with managing the cross-country data during the season, especially the calculations of distance. - GeunHo

IT integration specialist work tracker
The IT integration specialist cannot keep track of all the teachers and students use help with technology, and therefore prove his work to his boss. - Jana

Mock exam scheduler
The IB coordinator has difficulties in organizing a scheduled mock exams for each candidate. - Yusuke


ISP Pre-2013 Dossier Problem Statements


Horse riding competition organization, and ranking program.  Marek Hajek.


Distribution of tasks among employees of the Belarusian service of Radio Free Europe.  Maksim Tsikhanovich

Dilbert Office v1.1

Organization of several medial office tasks which require great time and organization skills to accomplish without an electronic solution. Oleksandr Minich

Week Without Walls Program

Assignment of students to WWW trips according to student choice and specific trip requirements.  Parul Kothari


Management of inventory of school and personal movie compact disks. Chrystal Shen


Organization of a football tournament, and software to collect and keep track of data as Games progress. Jakub Ceprynski


Electronic logbook to keep track of the many things pilots are required to do.  Mark Najman


Assign daily tasks of a security company engineer based on priorities and geographic considerations of the various clients within one city.  Lee-Anne Murgatroyd


Accounts management of a shoe wholesaler.  Shijia Liu


Electronic management of data required by SCUBA divers for each dive they take.  Peter Sivak



Great Compilations of Past IB Dossiers

David Mulkey from Frankfurt International School – probably the best IB CS website out there – for now…


Not necessarily for IB CS dossiers, but tons of great ideas – many way beyond the scope of IB CS, but all will get you thinking.



Miscellaneous Ideas From Student Web Searches

- Record keeping of the members in the club, and management of the club’s activities.  

- A game of tic tac toe.  

- A computerized testing system to automate creating, giving and grading tests.

  - Modeling physics experiments (pendulum, linear motion and momentum).  

- CAS hours and activities database.

- Computer Lab Inventory System for keeping track of machines, labs and machine info.  

- College Application Database - useful for high school counselors who want to keep track of the students applications and college info  

- Student calendar - planner/calendar used to plan homework and assignments  

- Record-keeping for compliance with some law – for example a database to track if people were low-income in an apartment building to qualify for subsidies to the owner.

- Program to keep track of movies in movie rental store, whether they were in stock checked out or reserved.