Criterion "P" - Programming

Teacher Responsibilities

1. Remind students to look their code budies in the eye at the beginning of class and report on how they did.

2. Early on, review and/or tweak/re-work UML diagrams to assure class structure and interactions make sense.

3. Keep track of what students' projects are if/as they evolve. And early on at least once, maybe more, get students to verbalize in 3 to 5 points what their program does/will do.

4. Sit with each student each class to see how they are doing and/or help.

5. Help in class, and via e-mail between classes, when needed.

6. Once all students are well under way with coding, sit with each one, working on the same Google doc, looking through and reflecting on their Criterion A and B, and making sure their coding remains a solution to what they planned.

7. Conduct a good "pruning session" with each student a couple of programming work sessions in, and be sure they are not left with too big a program to complete.

8. Look at code uploads regularly, particularly when concerned about a student falling behind.

9. Keep a running/developing idea of the Student Responsibilities rubric grades for each student.

10. Remember to request updated Record of Tasks along with nightly builds once in a while .

11. With enough time before the end of each class, remind students to e-mail code buddies with their plans for inter class work.

12. Make sure I have been Cc-ed on "buddy update" e-mails, and then read them at least once every few days.


Summary of End-of-Programming Stage Class Reminders:

1. Update your To Do list at the top of your GUI

2. E-mail your Code Buddy with your inter-class plans

3. Comment any new (semi-sophisticated) code

4. Update your Record of Tasks document