Criterion B - Solution Overview

Instructions and Advice - Chronological Development

We will continue to follow the sample dossier for the next step in stage B (here's a link to the pdf ).

So on page 4 you'll see his "Development Plan", which I would add the descriptor "Chronological" to. The idea here is to look at all the other preparatory things you have so far done in Stage B and figure out all of the different steps of programming you now have to do. And since some steps will naturally have to come before other steps, the first thing to do is determine the order of these steps.

So, as with doing an outline in Word, come up with your general/major steps, in order that they should best be done.

Then "flesh out" these steps, in the same general way that the sample is done, with two major kinds of things:

- Sub-tasks within each step
        Use a bulleted list for this, the same as in the sample.
        And in fact, DO NOT write sentences, otherwise they will be included in your total word count.

- Pseudocode* of any algorithms there-in.
         Pseudocode of algorithms is step-by-step descriptions of how you will do certain methods. (See the sample for examples.)
         Your pseudocode can by anything between proper English descriptions of steps all the way up to almost Java .

* It is possible that this will be too much at this point for many students, and that's fine. But for those who have sophisticated algorithms that they can talk their way through, this is a very useful step.

In the end, this document should make for something you can follow one step at a time when doing your coding.