Topic 3—Networks (9 hours)

3.1 Networks (9 hours)

Network fundamentals

Careful not to spend too much time on any of these first five (other than 3.1.3 when come back to it.
Do quick first spirals of each, and then before the first test come back and consolidate.
They are simply not worth the amount of time each could take if you let them.

3.1.1 Identify different types of networks.

3.1.2 Outline the importance of standards in the construction of networks.

3.1.3 Describe how communication over networks is broken down into different layers.
(This can wait until after 3.1.7.)

3.1.4 Identify the technologies required to provide a VPN.

3.1.5 Evaluate the use of a VPN.

Data transmission

3.1.6 Define the terms: protocol, data packet. (Now it makes sense to do 3.1.11.)

3.1.11 Explain how data is transmitted by packet switching.

3.1.7 Explain why protocols are necessary. (And, now remember to go back to 3.1.3 if skipped before.)

Good place for a test

3.1.8 Explain why the speed of data transmission across a network can vary.

3.1.9 Explain why compression of data is often necessary when transmitting across a network.

3.1.10 Outline the characteristics of different transmission media.

Wireless networking

3.1.12 Outline the advantages and disadvantages of wireless networks.

3.1.13 Describe the hardware and software components of a wireless network.

3.1.14 Describe the characteristics of wireless networks.

3.1.15 Describe the different methods of network security.

3.1.16 Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each method of network security.

And the wireless introduction to the notes video for the class of 2018: