--- Wireless networking ---


Outline the advantages and disadvantages of wireless networks.


Teaching Note:

S/E Wireless networks have led to changes in working patterns, social activities and raised health issues.


Sample Question:


JSR Notes:

There are two ways this assessment statement can be taken: 1. in comparison to wired networks, and 2. related to the teaching note. Make sure with this assessment statement to focus on wireless networks, and not on either wired networks, or general concept of us being hooked to our computers too much now-a-days. See below. But first, in terms of:

1. Wireless vs. Wired

See the St. Julian's page, but I'll summarize and add to it in a table here

  Wired Wireless
Speed Very fast Not so fast, but improving all the time
Range & Mobility Only within a building Ability to be mobile.
Roaming allows extended mobility
Reliability/Interference Very stable, little interference Interference and loss of signal an issue
Security Very secure Security improving all the time, but an issue
- hacking much easier
Cost Usually more expensive

A simple wireless network is cheap
- use of free unlicensed radio spectrum
- no extensive cabling required

Ease of installation Can be complex and require technicians Simple to set up a small wireless network


(So as the relate to the S/E note above.)


2. Social & Economic Effects

Changes in working patterns:




Changes in social activities:




Health issues:




With this assessment statement, you should be ready to outline advantages and disadvantages of wireless networks in a certain context/situation.