Evaluate the use of a VPN.


Teaching Note:

S/E, AIM 9 The use of a VPN has led to changes in working patterns.


Sample Question:


JSR Notes:


This assessment statement is for sure, at least, about the implications of using a VPN, as seen by the Teaching Note, so:

General Implications of VPNs to society:



Specific Implications of VPNs to businesses/organizations



Specific Implications of VPNs for individuals




So looking specifically at the teaching note then:

How has the existence of VPNs changed the way people can work?

- allows people to work around jurisdiction firewalls, and firewall in general. For example, a business in China can work around the "Great Firewall of China".

- all on-line commerce can now occur without people worrying about theft of credit card information etc.


- people can securely work from home




If what is meant by this assessment statement is to evaluate a particular VPN, such as:

you could use the same sort of criteria as on the St Julian's page


Product X

For example Logmein.com

Product Y

For example HideMyAss.com

Security (Trusted vs. Secure)    
Price (and or cost/benefit)    
Ease of use    
Speed of connection & data upload/download speeds    
Compatibility with current systems/computers (Mac/PC for example)    
Scalability (how easily can it be expanded or used to a greater extent?)