Construct a logic diagram using AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR and XOR gates.


Teaching Note:

Problems will be limited to an output dependent on no more than three inputs.

The gate should be written as a circle with the name of the gate inside it. For example: (JSR note: OR inside a circle)

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Sample Question:


From Sample Paper 1 - 2014:

JSR Notes:


Do remember that you only need the gates written in circles, not the fancy symbols shown way below, but they are the correct ones - IN FACT IT SAYS "circle with the name of the gate" in the teaching note.

Here are some examples:

circuit diaram

circuit diaram

circuit diaram






The (Former Curriculum) Correct Symbols For What It's Worth

The following is here for a sense of completion; what follows are the actual correct symbols, and what used to be required for the former curriculum.

If you only use simple circle gates, obviously you will put "and", "or", or "not" in the circles. But you should do that too, even if you are using the correct symbols I taught you, on the off chance that an examination marker is unfamiliar with those symbols. i.e. MAKE SURE TO PUT "AND", "OR" ETC.IN YOUR SYMBOLS.

(I'm just going to paste here the notes from the Former Curriculum, assessment statement 4.2.5, which is exactly the same as this one.)

former curriculum 4.2.5 image


*** 2014 Note - I know we did lots of practice with this kind of thing, but I'm not sure where elese in the website it is; please let me know if you remember.


Plus, you could also look at the following Former Curriculum assessment statements.

Former 4.2.5 - this one is for going the other way: from the circuit diagram to the expression.
Former 4.2.6-Extra

(And also, even these.)

(Former 4.2.2)
(Former 4.2.3)
(Former 4.2.4)