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Identify the relevant stakeholders when planning a new system.


Teaching Note:

S/E The role of the end-user must be considered when planning a new system.

Who is a relevant stakeholder?

TOK Utilitarianism, the greatest good for the greatest number. The means justify the ends.


Sample Question:


JSR Notes:

"Stakeholders" are people who are being influenced by the implementation of the new system - those who have a "stake" in the changes that will be brought.

There are various stakeholders in various projects, and all need to be considered, though some will naturally take precedence. But ethically, the end-user should not be overlooked by the businesses introducing various technologies for profit.

Some people will be unhappy and will fight against a new system, and if only for this reason, the implementers of new IT systems need to acknowledge them address their concerns as stakeholders.

Eg: Stakeholders in the implementation of a new Hospital Database Systems:

Who is the most relevant stakeholder? = The end-users should be. All software engineers and systems developers should consider the end-user during the implementation of the IT system.

Sometimes some stake holders will have negative consequences, yet for the "greater good" the project must go forward. Though there is always a question of who determines that this is the case...


Note that one problem with considering the end-user in the planning and design of a new IT system is that the end-user could change - for example a different age of person ends up using the product.

The proper identification of stakeholders can result in a more successful product, so is an important consideration in planning, design and implementation of new IT systems.



Think of your dossier, and whether or not there is more than one key stakeholder.

For example, with a dossier for a robotics tournament, the following are all stakeholders, and all should be considered to varying extents when designing that system:

- Mr Barlien and other coaches

- Players

- Mr Monks and the Activities Office


- Judges

- plus any other people who use the program and are affected by the results of the competition



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Jose: Reminder here about what a full IT system is, with examples, like grading system at a school, or an IT system in a bank, recycling program/system in an American city

Definining of the term "stakeholder"...