Describe methods of obtaining requirements (JSR - bolded) from stakeholders. (*JSR note: look at this one in combination with 1.2.6.)


Teaching Note:

Including surveys, interviews, direct observations.

AIM 5 The need for effective collaboration to obtain appropriate information from stakeholders.

S/E The question of privacy for stakeholders.

Sample Question:


JSR Notes:

* First of all the difference between this, 1.2.5, and the next assessment statement 1.2.6 is that this focuses in on the requirements, and the next on how to meet those requirements. So this is focused on communication with the stakeholders, and the next with planning among the solution providers: programmers and hardware engineers, for example.

So to find out the requirements needed by a particular group, which are to be met by the IT system you are to implement:
Methods of obtaining requirements from stakeholders (for designing a good system):

Be prepared to discuss advantages and disadvantages of each.

And note above how cooperation is crucial if the stakeholder's concerns are to be met, so such information gathering is crucial to the success of the project. If you don't get sincere, accurate information before designing and implementing the system, big mistakes can be made which will come back to haunt both the IT teams implementing the project and the business or organization for whom the project is intended.

And, also from a note above, the surveys etc. should insure privacy, not only for ethical reasons, but also because this way, more sincere and accurate information is more likely to be collected.



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