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Discuss the social and ethical issues associated with a networked world.


Teaching Note:

AIM 8, AIM 9 Develop an appreciation of the social and ethical issues associated with continued developments in computer systems.


Sample Question:


JSR Notes:

Summary of Topic 1 "Moral/Ethical etc. IT Issues" Assessment Statements:
1.2.3 - how IT in a "networked world" adversely affects us
1.2.11 - the affects of new IT systems on stakeholders
1.2.16 - the affect of robots and AI

This is the first Social and Ethical assessment statement of the curriculum, and the IB is very keen to have you explore and be conscious of these kinds of issues. There are huge negative implications we are in the middle of grappling with that have resulted from the spread of information technology. And there are other issues on the horizon, which will demand a lot of thought and dealing with by our societies.

Some of the issues listed below can come from IT/computers alone. To take one specific example, the repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) that result from improper and over use of keyboards and mice etc. can occur outside the context of a networked world; they can happen with a disconnected stand-along computer. But over the past few decades, as IT has become more and more inter-connected through networks and the Internet, the use of all IT devices has skyrocketed, so all the former IT issues have been exacerbated. And the uber-connected networked world of today has brought other issues with it.

Social Issues of the network world:

Social issues are those which affect our society in general. Ethical questions are involved often as well, but it's the affect on society, regardless of something being seen as right or wrong, which is the issue.

Ethical Issues of the network world:

An issue is an ethical one if you have to stand back and ask yourself "is this right, or is it wrong?", and/or where is the line between right and wrong? Note that most of the above social issues also have an ethical component to them.



Jaime: Trying to teach in 2017 with cell phones and laptops!!!!!!!

trying to keep life simple and focused is impossible with

the smarter phones and computers get, the dumber we get

artificial intelligence is artificial.



And at some point double check to make sure the following list - incidental from 1.2.11 - are all included...