Describe the need for change management.


Teaching Note:

Students should understand there are a number of factors that need to be managed to ensure change is successful.

S/E The way that change is managed can have significant effects on employers and employees.

JSR Note: The S/E, TOK, AIM etc. parts of the Teaching Notes can sometimes seem to have tenuous links to what these stand for. But don't take any teaching note lightly for that reason. When going through this curriculum, just treat all teaching notes as teaching notes; as part of the curriculum document which is indeed there in black and white, and so which needs to be covered and understood.


Sample Question:



JSR Notes:

(Looking forward to 1.1.5, there are four general ways to implement a new system: Parallel running, pilot running, direct changeover and phased conversion, and each will greatly influence the kinds of changes that need to be managed, but this assessment is more of a general underlining that "it ain't easy" bringing a new IT system into any organization.)


Do note at this point that you really do have to think at an organizational level; systems are bigger and more complex than individuals using a computer and piece of software. And along with schools and hospitals and other public spaces, such as airports, do think in terms of businesses, so you can picture one of the big buildings up and down Evropska that house banks, and engineering firms, and all manner of other business - they all have dedicated IT systems, and they all have employees and employers (as noted above in the teaching note) as well as customers which will be impacted by the system change being planned.


Example of factors that need to be managed when implementing a region-wide hospital database system:

- Ease of use

- Privacy/security

- Compatibility issues between different hospitals and database systems

- Data that should/should not be included in each person's file

- Cost

- Feasibility (Is it possible?)

With each of these factors, ask yourself what effect could each consideration have on employers, or employees, or customers (in the example's case, patients).

But getting back to the main point, there is a ton that has to be considered when planning to implement any new IT system, way beyond IT-type considerations of what operating system you are going to use, and what kind of cabling etc.



A School switching to Windows from Apple

In the "change management" period, we need to manage the following issues:

1 Hardware/software

Retraining to use Windows all teachers and students

Retraining and certification of tech guys

Anitvirus and malware education - like not opeing up random emails etc.

Public relations to pursuade the community to want to switch

Dealing with student excuses from changeover

Hiring considerations


Hotel revamping wifi to not be crappy

The IT manager and hotel manager have to manage:


tender for the best bid from various service provider


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