Outline compatibility issues resulting from situations including legacy systems or business mergers.


Teaching Note:

INT, S/E When organizations interact, particularly on an international basis, there may be issues of software compatibility and language differences.


Sample Question:



JSR Notes:

Legacy system (by "legacy", we mean the older equipment and software that will either be replaced, or added to):

Issues: confusion between the new and the old, compatibility (not forward compatible).

Example: going from wired to wireless. Issue: some of the "older" computers don't have the wifi ability.

Business mergers (notably international ones):

Issues: matching systems and servers, transferring data,

Example: Microsoft buying Nokia. Issues: Nokia using Mac computers, Microsoft using Windows.


When considering possible conflicts, whether from old to new or from one part of the world to another, consider the 3 Major Compatibility Issues of an IT System:

Machines - so machines with different architectures may not be able to properly work together

Data - the format of data may not be able to be handled by various different software

People - not only language, but national customs and work cultures can conflict, not just across borders, but due to other personal characteristics of various groups (the relaxed youth work culture of a company like Google might conflict with a more conservative company they take over)


Compatibility issues implementing a region-wide hospital database:

- There can be both legacy software and legacy hardware compatibility issues (old software of one clinic doesn't work well with the new software of a new hospital)

- And there will also be issues of comparability between different systems of the same age, but different types/standards.

- The sets of data stored different places will differ - some institutions may keep loads of data, and other not, or not for the same length of time.

- Even though there may not be language differences between hospitals (though this is possible too depending on the country), there may be unique database terms and titles and so on which differ.



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