Topic 1—System fundamentals (20 hours)

1.1 Systems in organizations (10 hours)

--- Planning and system installation ---


Identify the context for which a new system is planned.

Teaching Note:

The extent and limitations of a new system should be appreciated. Organizational issues related to the installation of new systems such as user roles, underlying technologies.


Sample Question:


JSR Notes:

With all of these assessment statements it is most important to first put them into context. The overall context of Topic 1 is "Systems". By this we are not just talking about software systems, as you have been developing with your IA project, rather full IT systems.

Definition: An IT System consists of the hardware, software, and people that work together to manage a discrete, but associated group of IT services.

In terms of how big/small is an IT "system" is, there can by IT systems within other IT systems, so taking the example of an airport, you could say there is one global IT system, and surely there are indeed hardware and software and IT personnel who work between "sub-systems", such as:

- CCTV (closed circuit television) and other security systems, Database systems, networks, baggage systems, immigration, and so on. Each one could be considered an IT system on its own, and all together we could talk of the airport IT system.


1.1.1 - 1.1.7 deals with the planning of a new system. So the context of this assessment statement is not a definition of IT systems, rather the focus is on planning and installation. This assessment statement focuses in on the context of the system, i.e., where is it, and what are the issues that you will have to consider in planning said IT system. You can think, in particular, in terms of problems that will be encountered due to the specifics of the context.


1.1.1 Specific Example of the implementation of a new region-wide (i.e. multiple institution) hospital patient database system:

General context/description: Every person in a US State, for example, would have all of their medical records stored in a central database, and through identity cards, that information could be readily accessed in the case of an emergency, or other medical situation.)

Limitations: security, distance, compatibility between the different hospital databases, identity issues (same name issues, make sure that everybody has a unique ID number),

Organizational issues: network, management process, transfer of data from all hospitals into one database and then organizing the data, WHO is allowed to see WHAT (Doctors can see everything? Nurses can see only partial information?)

But in general, context means context, so at the very least the answer to "identify the context" ought to include a description of the organization etc. into which this system will be installed. Think back to the paragraph at the beginning of your dossier process where you described the situation - you included things like, for example, the school, the number of students, the job of the person who is your client etc. You have to fully understand the context of the problem you are addressing before you can properly address it.


A List of "Contexts" of IT Systems in a School:

1. Wired network

2. Wireless network

Limitations: Speed of service provider, which service providers, client count, wireless equipment you buy, budget, how strict the admin wants to control content via firewall

Organizational Issues: Who gets the password

- who will install and repair, or will service be outsourced

- how strict a firewall, and maybe different levels in the different schools - US/ES/MS - Facebook only for US

- what parents think

- how many and where for wifi access points

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