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Describe a range of methods that can be used to prevent data loss.


Teaching Note:

These should include failover systems, redundancy, removable media, off-site/on-line storage.


Sample Question:

From Sample Paper 1 - 2014:

Sample question

JSR Notes:


Ways to Prevent Data Loss

--> Preventing accidents and damage:

--> Keeping data secure from theft and vandalism:

--> Plus various backup strategies (i.e. redundancy - having more than one copy of data):


One popular and effective back-up strategy is to have hard drives set up in a RAID, which stands for a Redundant Array of Independent Disks, a system that mirrors and/or stipes some or all of the data.

So we can say that a RAID 10 stripes data across mirrored pairs.

And as a final important point, do note that the prime focus in the assessment statement is on backup.



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