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Outline the consequences of data loss in a specified situation.


Teaching Note:

S/E Loss of medical records, cancellation of a hotel reservation without the knowledge of the traveler.


Sample Question:


JSR Notes:

Note that the way this assessment statement is worded, you are most likely to get a specific situation on which you will comment. Following are two examples.

But the key point to consider is just how important data can be. Is some respects it doesn't seem that data should be that relatively important. In the medical situation, for example, surely real things like medicines, specialized equipment, and blood for transfusion are much more important than data stored on a computer - which is nothing more than a bunch of 0s and 1s... But upon further consideration, what is the use of any of those physical things if a doctor does not know how and when to apply them? Data, in fact, especially in this data-dependent world, can be the difference between - in the medical example - a proper diagnosis vs. a wrong diagnosis, or even life vs. death.

Consequences of data loss of medical records:

Plus associated, though not direct health consequences


Consequences of data loss of cancellation of a hotel reservation without the knowledge of the traveler:

For the customer:

For the hotel and reservation system:



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