D—Object-oriented programming

HL Extension

D.4 Advanced program development (15 hours)

Extra resource: Java, Java, Java by Ralph Morelli & Ralph Walde. (CC BY 4.0)
A great college level open source license textbook to aid you.


Code-Camp-Day 2: Referential Classes (YT)

JSR NOTE: For Option D, you are expected to construct and use Java algorithms using the LinkedList ADT.

D.4.1 - D.4.4 - Recursion Don't forget this also! (D.4.1 - D.4.4 combined with Topic 5)

D.4.5 Define the term object reference.

D.4.6 Construct algorithms that use reference mechanisms. (see 5.1.11,    5.1.12,    5.1.13)

Code-Camp-Day-1: Linked Lists (YT)

The video of the full Linked List animation


Code-Camp-Day 2: Full List Implementation (YT)

D.4.7 Identify the features of the abstract data type (ADT) list.

D.4.8 Describe applications of lists.

D.4.9 Construct algorithms using a static implementation of a list.

D.4.10 Construct list algorithms using object references.

Linked List & ArrayList ADTs:

Code-Camp-Day 2: Collections (YT)

D.4.11 Construct algorithms using the standard library collections included in JETS.

D.4.12 Trace algorithms using the implementations described in assessment statements D.4.9–D.4.11.

D.4.13 Explain the advantages of using library collections.


Code-Camp-Day 2: Last Bits (YT)

D.4.14 Outline the features of ADT’s stack, queue and binary tree. (see 5.1.6 - 5.1.7)

D.4.15 Explain the importance of style and naming conventions in code.



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