Discuss the features of modern programming languages that enable internationalization.


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For example, use of UNICODE character sets.

INT When organizations interact, particularly on an international basis, there may be issues of language differences.


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For the understanding of ASCII and UNICODE, you are responsible for the information at this link: I could have copied and pasted the most relavent parts, but it's pretty well all relavent, and even if some of the information is not necessary for this assessment statement (like how colors are represented), all is part of the IB CS curriculum at some stage.

"How Computers Work - Day 1"


UNICODE, when it was first devised was a system which used 16 bits per character, and so supported, 2 ^ 16, or 65,536 characters. And so when Java was developed the char data type was made to be also 16 bits. But then UNICODE was expanded, but Java could not change its 16 bit char at that point.

So one interesting thing to note here is that Java does not support extended UNICODE. But there is a work-around you can read about at Oracle.com.

Therefore it should be possible for Java to work with characters from most scripts in the world.