Describe the purpose of prototypes to demonstrate the proposed system to the client.

Teaching Note:

AIM 5 The need to effectively collaborate to gather appropriate information to resolve complex problems.

AIM 6 To develop logical and critical thinking to develop proposed systems.


Sample Question (former curriculum):

Define the term prototyping. [1 mark]

Sample Question (former curriculum):

1. Outline what is meant by prototyping. [2 marks]

JSR Notes:

Prototype: model that represents the final design and function(s), without implementing: any code, in the case of software, or full functionality, in the case of hardware.

Examples Prototypes:

Different levels of prototyping for hardware, or hardware/software prototyping:

  1. Nonfunctional model
  2. Limited functionality (so a "working prototype")
  3. Released as a public prototype

Note that for software, we cease to use the term prototype when there is a public "beta" release.


Purpose of prototypes: In general (as the assessment statement itself says), the purpose is to "demonstrate the proposed system to the client". The reasons for doing so are, generally:

(Note that these purposes apply for both software and hardware prototyping.)

You know all about prototyping software, because you did it for your client in your IA dossier process. You made a mock-up of your program using the GUI capabilities of Netbeans and showed it to your client, for exactly the reasons listed above.



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FIRST Robotics competitions and making the prototype

the main idea of the prototype is to communicate with the end user

Jose: "Here's a preview"... "this is what I ***think*** you mean"....