Construct suitable representations to illustrate system requirements.


Teaching Note:

Examples include: system flow charts, data flow diagrams, structure chart.

UML is not required.

LINK Flow chart symbols, flow charts and pseudocode.


Sample Question:


JSR Notes:

(Note that the one we chose not to do is data flow diagrams; maybe just before the exam, look at the old Red and Yellow text book, pages jasdfaskdfhaskdhjfasdhjfasd).

Firstly, for an overview of various kinds of charts used for design in CS and IT, see page 20 of the IB CS Former Curriculum Yellow & Red Textbook. And recognize that the system flowchart is arguably the most important for this Topic 1.2, since it deals with system design.s

*** Your dossier charts were more software only; now you're thinking about overall systems, including HARDWARE too.

System Flow Charts

Example of system on pages 21 - 23 of the Yellow & Red textbook.
(Plus an algorithm flow chart on page 62 of the Yellow & Red textbook - these kinds of flow charts are not explicitly referred to in the assessment statement above, but they are common in CS. See another good example of one on my website at this link.)

Data Flow Diagrams

See the chart on page 20 of the Yellow & Red textbook, but this really does not seem anywhere near as important or useful as a system flow chart for a topic on system design.


Structure Chart

This can be UML though the teacher not say it's not necessary to use UML, but the idea is that you are demonstrating the way that you classes are arranged, and most everyone used UML to do so, just like we did in our IA. Here's an example.


Other Chart Examples For your dossier, you did the following kinds of things to construct suitable representations to illustrate system requirements.

- Class diagram (using UML)

- Flowchart of overall design. See page 80 and 81 of Avo's dossier are class diagrams, one general and one full UML.

- Page 50 of Avo's is a flowchart for an algorithm.

- You guys did a flow chart for the overall flow of processing in the program.



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