1.2 System design basics (10 hours)

--- Components of a computer system ---


Define the terms: hardware, software, peripheral, network, human resources.


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Firstly, as 1.1 turns to 1.2, the difference between Planning and Design:

Planning: getting ready

Design: designing it.

Example: cake, where planning is arranging the eggs and butter and flour and stirring spoon and bowl etc., vs. the making/designing of the cake itself.
and our Dossier process, where planning was analysing the situation, performing interviews etc., vs. design, which was class diagrams, algorithms, determining data types and so on.


Hardware: physical pieces of the system

Software: applications

Peripherals: devices that are not the core to the processing (things that plug into your computer - mice, keyboards, scanners)

Network: Any group of connected IT devices, which can share data back and forth

Human Resources: including: IT Managers, Technicians, Engineers, Network Managers/Engineers, Help desk, Database Manager, Web Manager



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Jaime: Firmware

Importance of human resources; the one part hardest to acquire and the one part that can make errors.