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Evaluate different methods of providing user documentation.


Teaching Note:

Examples should include methods such as: help files, on-line support and printed manuals.

S/E The quality of user documentation can affect the rate of implementation of the new system.


Sample Question (former curriculum):

3. State three items of documentation that are usually included in a software package. [3 marks]

From Sample Paper 1- 2014:


JSR Notes:

Help Files

These are files that are part of the application itself. Usually they are accessed through a Help menu. Often, if the keyword searched for is key to other menu items, those items will be highlighted




Online Support

By this we are referring to everything that is accessible via a browser on the Internet, including YouTube videos.





Online Tutorials

Tutorials give an introduction to the basic concepts of the program/system, and are usually accessible via the Internet. Tutorials are offered by a variety of third party companies, such as Lynda.com and Coursera, along with the actual software producing companies, such as Apple or Adobe.

Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI), Computer-Assisted Learning (CAL), or Computer-Based Training (CBT) are all terms used to describe different varieties of these types of tutorials, in which users can learn the software on-line at their own pace. 




Printed Manuals







Other Methods for Support

(Though these are not exactly user documentation)

Phone tech support - done well this is great, done poorly, it only leads to frustration.

Chat - some is quite good. Response time, and quality of responses are both key factors to proper implementation.



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