Discuss problems that may arise as a part of data migration.


Teaching Note:

INT These include incompatible file formats, data structures, validation rules, incomplete data transfer and international conventions on dates, currencies and character sets.


Sample Question:

From Sample Paper 1 - 2014:

Refer back to 1.1.5 for the first part of this question.


JSR Notes:

Data migration: moving information from one system to another. So here we are not so concerned about hardware or personnel issues, rather, what could potentially go wrong when a company/organization's data is moved to a new IT system?

Examples of data migration: Ms. Leggett moving her files from Stroodle to Google Sites, transferring data from old computer to new computer, or a company transferring data systems from Mac to PC.

Problem of data migration: data loss, transfer of different data which cannot be transfered from one type to the other

Specific problems from the teaching note:

incompatible file formats
- .doc to .pages would be a simple example, but companies have very specific custom made software that stores data is very specific ways - and sometimes very hard to transfer formats. Apple's Pages program is classic.

incompatible data structures
- for example, data stored in FileMaker Pro moving to PowerSchool - similar data, but in entirely different forms. Companies have all the more complex issue with this sort of thing, for they have more complex software data systems. Student records for example:

Name (first name first....., Address, Phone number _---------> Student njmber, masdnflasjdflkajsdf,sd,

YOur dossier files have a certain format, and that may need to be converterd to another program.

incompatible validation rules
- There are many techniques for assuring data is transferred from place to place and no mistakes are made, and these techniques will not work between different databases etc. if they are different. (This gets a little too technical to explain, but can include such thins as check-sums and parity checking, which are no longer part of the IB CS curriculum.)

incomplete data transfer
- Obviously a problem.

and international conventions on dates, currencies and character sets
- You should be familiar with that pain in the neck, even just the difference in date format between the US and Europe.

Look at the International Preference of System Preferences to get an idea of various things that vary from nation to nation.

And the point is that all of the above issues can result in data being migrated with errors, and all that such errors can affect. They don't call it data "migration" for nothing; it's a big deal.




Examples of Data Migration

During data migration within a a section of Sony Online Entertainment a ton of user data was lost recently.


(We can think of this on a micro scale like Suzi's hard drive or Mr Rayworth's server to the Windows server, but we should be thinking in larger, full IT system terms.)

So think in terms of system wide though....

- Moving from Windows to Mac

- Moving to outsourced data

- Data stored on Android phones to the new iPhones

- to cloud or back from cloud


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Jaime: When I moved the Forgger .fla from one computer to another and the MovieClip folder got mis-directed to the sounds and so there were double copies of all movie clips and the Test Fail error occurred when trying to run it. That was sdfasfasdfasd

Remembering that a lot of the "drag and drop", GUI maintenance of stuff via XML that can get corrupted and you have no control over it.