Evaluate alternative installation processes.


Teaching Note:

Students should be aware of the methods of implementation/conversion.

Parallel running, pilot running, direct changeover and phased conversion.

S/E Training issues may require organizations to restructure their workforce.

Sample Question:

From Sample Paper 1 2014:

sample paper question

This continues on, with question (c) to Assessment Statement 1.1.6.


JSR Notes:

Three ways to implement a new system:

- Direct Changeover (Big Bang - out with the old, in with the new all at once)



- Pilot Running (ask for volunteers, try something new/unusual which isn't life or death, won't have big impacts, not for something large- "Let's just see if it works". Could be done for: school websites, Dossiers)

Main Advantage: Can run the system completely (though in a limited size)

Main Disadvantage: There will be issues for those using it if it doesn't work properly.

You have to be careful to pick a representative group. But it's easiest to pick a single department in the organization - but which one?... picking random people throughout the organizaion will not work logistically.

- Parallel Running (use both old and new at the same time)

Main Advantage: If the new system fails, can go back to the old one.

Main Disadvantage: Costs a lot more money to maintain both systems.

- Phased Conversion ("Gradual Implementation")




Getting back to the assessment statement and the teaching note. You will not be asked to define the above changeover strategies, but apply your knowledge of them by comparing them, and likely in a specific context. So, for example, with our region-wide hospital database example, which of the strategies would be best, and what specific advantages and disadvantages would be associated with each.

And from the teaching note (teaching notes are often a really good hint for a potential question) what training issues would be involved in the specific changeover, and how would the overall workforce have to be restructured?



Examples to get you thinking about certain situaiton and which would be best:

- Switching from Windows to Mac at a school (pilot)

- A new payroll system outsourced at a department store (parallel)

- Wired to wireless at O2 Prague offices (phased)

- Android to iPhone for a big car dealership AAA in Prague

- Navigation systems for a taxi company


What do you think and why?



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