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Flash Movie-in-Movie Animation


Flash (Pong) Scores



Flash Impossible Quiz Actual Strart Recorded

Flash Impossible Quiz - Complete Start Instruction

Flash Impossible Quiz - Complete Q & As

Website-Readying: Logic Screenflow for Grading

Website-Readying: Screenflow Exporting

Website-Readying: Logic Remix with Movies

Website-Readying: Teddy via iMovie with Sound

Website-Readying: iWeb & Bluetooth Pointers

Flash Impossible Quiz - Avoid Object

Flash Impossible Quiz - Elephants

Flash Impossible Quiz - Invisible Button

Logic Assignment and Rubric

Logic Express Ultrabeat

Maya Full Review ***New Feb. 18th, 2011, 12:30 p.m..

Maya Materials

Maya Sound

Maya Editing Existing Keyframes

Maya Cameras

Maya Lights

Maya Animation

Maya Dynamics

Maya Rendering

Maya Basics

Audacity Export As MP3

Audacity Project Demo Block_ProIT-1

Sampling From Garageband (recorded too large)

Audacity Basics (recorded too large; sorry)


Short & Sweet Version (1 or 2 minutes)

Flash Movie to iWeb - short & sweet version


Pong - Ball Speeds Up - short & sweet version

Flash (Pong) Scores - short & sweet version

Flash (Pong) Sound - short & sweet version

Flash (Pong) Start Button - short & sweet version













Logic Express Ultrabeat - short & sweet version


Maya Materials - short & sweet version

Maya Sound - short & sweet version

Maya Editing Existing Keyframes - short & sweet version

Maya Cameras - short & sweet version

Maya Lights - short & sweet version

Maya Animation - short & sweet version

Maya Dynamics & Rendering - short & sweet version


Maya Basics - short & sweet version






Games Production Class Full-Length Instructional Videos:

Space Invaders - Full(ish), and done the schmantzy way

Asteroids Stage 1 - SpaceShip Movement

Asteroids Stage 2 - The Asteroids Themselves

Asteroids Stage 3 - The Bullets