Topic 6—Resource management (8 hours)

JSR Note: ***This topic requires two testing session.***

6.1 Resource management (8 hours)

System resources

6.1.1 Identify the resources that need to be managed within a computer system. *

6.1.2 Evaluate the resources available in a variety of computer systems. ***** (Also done on the 6.1.4 chart.)

6.1.3 Identify the limitations of a range of resources in a specified computer system. ** (Also done on the 6.1.4 chart.)

6.1.4 Describe the possible problems resulting from the limitations in the resources in a computer system. **

Role of the operating system

6.1.5 Explain the role of the operating system in terms of managing memory, peripherals and hardware interfaces. *****

6.1.6 ?? (Not in syllabus.)

6.1.7 Outline OS resource management techniques: scheduling, policies, multitasking, virtual memory, paging, interrupt, polling.*****

6.1.8 Discuss the advantages of producing a dedicated operating system for a device. **

6.1.9 Outline how an operating system hides the complexity of the hardware from users and applications. **