Construct algorithms using pre-defined sub-programmes, one-dimensional arrays and/or collections.


Teaching Note:

MYP Mathematics: using flow charts to solve problems in real-life contexts, logic, algorithms.

MYP Technology: design cycle (inputs, processes, outputs, feedback, iteration); use of software such as Alice.

Students will only be required to Analyse flow charts in the externally assessed components.

Students will be expected to write and Analyse pseudocode in the externally assessed components.

S/E, AIM 8 Appreciate the implications of using available code from sources such as on-line forums.

LINK Connecting computational thinking and program design.

Sample Question (from former curriculum):

In relation to the array data structure age [] shown below:

int age [] = {23,45,56,67,1,3};

(a) Describe the role of an index in accessing elements of the array age[]. [1 mark]

(b) State the data value represented by age[3]. [1 mark]

JSR Notes:

Note that this is still a Paper 1 assessment statement, and dealing with pseudocode and flow-charts only.