Construct pseudocode to represent an algorithm.


Teaching Note:

MYP Mathematics: using flow charts to solve problems in real-life contexts, patterns and sequences, logic, algorithms.

MYP Technology: design cycle (inputs, processes, outputs, feedback, iteration).

AIM 4 Demonstrate thinking skills to represent a possible solution to a specified complex problem.

Sample Question:


From Sample Paper 1 - 2014:

JSR Notes:

Here, according to the Pseudocode in Examinations document (page 2), you can use close to Java as your pseudocode; the main thing is the meaning of what you write.

One of the things you should substitute though is input and output, and so use just "input", or "output". System.out.println() is acceptable in JETS for Paper 2, so if you so choose, you could use it, but don't use "sout"; that is a Netbeans shortcut, not an official Java one.