Analyse an algorithm presented as a flow chart.


Teaching Note:

Examination questions may involve variables, calculations, simple and nested loops, simple conditionals and multiple or nested conditionals.

This would include tracing an algorithm as well as assessing its correctness.

Students will not be expected to construct a flow chart to represent an algorithm in an externally assessed component.

MYP Mathematics: using flow charts to solve problems in real-life contexts, patterns and sequences, logic, algorithms.

MYP Technology: design cycle (inputs, processes, outputs, feedback, iteration).


Sample Question:


From Sample Paper 1 - 2014:

JSR Notes:

Firstly, do read through the important Teaching Note bolded above. From it note that you are not required to be able to make a flow chart, just "analyse" one (i.e. in all likelihood, tracing).

Here is the link to the flowchart example in the IB documentation, along with a screen shot of it below.

So this is it for flow charts, and it's pretty straight-forward, but do make sure you understand how each structure is represented:
- note the difference between a while loop and a for loop
- the diamond symbol in pretty well all IT flow charts is for a condition/decision, i.e. ie/else structure.

Also, here's the link to the Sheldon flowchart for making friends from The Big Bang Theory.

flow chart symbols

And following is a flowchart for a system, rather than a program, as seen on the Sample Paper 1:

So do note that this is not specifically an example of this assessment statement, since it is a system, not a program, but the concept of the flow chart is the same.

Paper 1 flow chart