--- Thinking logically ---


Identify when decision-making is required in a specified situation.


Teaching Note:

Links to procedural thinking—alternative procedures.

TOK Reasoning as a form of decision-making.

LINK Connecting computational thinking and program design, introduction to programming.


Sample Question:



JSR Notes:


Specified Situation:

Decision making is an if else structure in Java

In any situation when there is a condition that can evaluate to true or false use: if else


Sometimes it is more than just a true - false situation, so
when more decisions/procedure can be made, use if, else if, else


And back to the assessment statement, a question could be worded like this: "Identify when decision making is needed in the process of baking a cake. And the answer could be something like this:

First of all decide which kind of cake you want to bake.

Then decide how big a bowl you will need, and what other kinds of utensils you will need.

Then decide how much sugar to add so that it's sweet enough.

Then after being put in the oven, keep checking until there is a golden brown, and decide when it is nice and brown enough.