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Identify a range of usability problems that can occur in a (JSR note: "particular") system.


Teaching Note:

S/E These should be related to the systems.

Systems include ticketing, on-line payroll, scheduling, voice recognition, systems that provide feedback.


Sample Question:


JSR Notes:

(Remember that "usability" means how does the technology or system suit everybody, and "accessibility" is particularly referring only to those with some sort of disability.)

Do note that this is aimed at "a" (as in a specific) "system.

Range of usability problems that can occur in a system:

And the examples listed in the Teaching Note:

I'll put a couple of issues, but be prepared yourself to come up with a couple more:


Here are two of the specific situations in more detail, as collated at Mr Laorunal's website:

Usability issues regarding IT feedback systems in general


Here are two examples to consider with this: an ATM, and on-line purchasing, like at Amazon.com.


Online payroll

The inputs to a payroll system are:

The outputs from a payroll system are:

Potential Disadvantages of being On-line (i.e. potential usability problems)


Voice Recognition

Several problems may occur with a voice recognition system, they include but are not limited to:


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Jose: "usability" and "ease of use" are interchangeable.

Usability is both hardware and software.