Explain the possible consequences of failing to involve the end-user in the design process.


Teaching Note:

S/E The failure to involve the end-user may lead to software that is not suitable for its intended use, which may have adverse effects on user productivity.

AIM 5 The need for effective collaboration and communication between the client, developer and end-user.


Sample Question - FORMER CURRICULUM:

Explain the importance of formulating a problem precisely before coding the solution. [3 marks]

JSR Notes:

You quite obviously NEED to involve the end-user. And the involment should be even more than you did in your Dossier process. There will be whole departments and teams whose main job it is to liaise with the intended user(s).

Possible Consequences of failing to involve the end-user in the design process:


Windows 8 - everyone was upset that there was no loger a Start menu, so 8.1 had it, for example. And the issue was probably that they were trying to impose a "third" must have device (the tablet) by having the same GUI for both laptop and tablet.

********But whatever the reason for Windows 8, it was not primarily listening to the user- rather it's forcing the user to listen to the company.


A good example is PlanetSide game development, where he has live feedback sessions on-line.

In this wired, social networking age, there's no excuse for not finding good feedback on your product; being active on Twitter Reddit, Facebook comments and Likes, run a YouTube channel and look at comments.


Still, for this assessment statement, you have to be primarily focused on the BAD STUFF that can happen if you dont' do the above.



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Jose: "How ***can*** you as a lowly programmer design something to be used by a large complex organization without lots of input from them.