Describe the disadvantages of OOP.


Teaching Note:

For example, increased complexity for small problems; unsuited to particular classes of problem.

AIM 9 Develop an appreciation of the limitations of OOP.


Sample Question:


JSR Notes:

This is an assessment statement to note, since it's counter intuitive to the whole Option.

Object-oriented programming suits situations where you are making instances of a certain class of object. So whenever you are programming and you come across a time where you are using data, and then using a slightly different set of that data again, OOP is well suited. But if you are doing something which does not work with "sets" of data, then there is no need for objects. But do note that most of what we do is taking advantage of a computer's ability to work with large (or larger than we want to handle manually) sets of data, so OOP makes sense.

The other case, as mentioned, is when it's just too much bother. If you are using only a few instances of something, then maybe you don't want a whole other class dedicated to those few items.