Classic Sorting Animation Links

A great introductory all-in-one array of sorting animations; good stuff Mr. Martin.

The Mohammad classic AND BEST ONE FOR LEARNING, for step-by-step:
BUT you will need to allow the Java application to run. Go to System Preferences, click Java, and then, refering to this image, go Web Settings, Add, Add, Ok (Mac OS Sierra). Then relaunch your browser, and Ok the Java warnings that come up.
LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER IN CLASS - the demo is that good that I want to make sure you can use it now, and during exam review.


The following one can help a lot also, especially with the relative speeds of various sorts, and for seeing how the sorting progresses. Note that it also needs permission to use its Java.

And, ok, it's not a classic yet, but, well, here's hoping... Keep in mind that the Quicksort is not any longer part of the IB CS curriculum. But this can give you a good idea of how sophsticated some of these algorithms can get, esecially the recursive ones like this one.
Since it is Adobe Flash, Apple Safari will give you all kinds of trouble; just use Chrome or another browser.
(Though for what it's worth, in Safari 11, go to its Preferences, Websites, Plug-ins, Adobe Flash Player, and check off johnrayworth.info. Well done Apple :-/)


And now, for something completely different (and completely wonderful):

Hungarian bubble-sort (YouTube)

Romanian insert-sort (YouTube)

Gypsy selection sort (YouTube)

Hungarian shell sort (YouTube) (My fav, though it's a tough call. I just like the way some of the guys saunter back to their positions.) (And the boot-slapping's kinda cool too.)

All four created at Sapientia University, Tirgu Mures (Marosvásárhely), Romania.