Netbeans Projects

The one thing to note in getting Netbeans projects set up is the conventions of syntax, particularly as this relates to upper and lower case letters.

Projects: Use capitals and spaces. This will distinguish them from other Java words which must contain no spaces. The project name is for your organization and has only to abide by the Mac OS naming conventions for files, which does allow for spaces.
Example: Hello World Project

Packages: Packages in Java are a way of organizing various classes, so a Java package is like a folder. But the package name is something which is read by the computer as part of the Java program, so it has to abide by Java naming conventions, so no spaces are allowed, among other rules, like not starting the name with a number. But the other thing which is a convention among Java programmers around the world is to make the entire package name lower case, even if it is multiple words. As a convention, it is not a strict Java syntax requirement, but you should follow this tradition, which helps identify packages as being such.
Example: helloworldpackage

Classes: A class in Java is the basic unit of programming organization. Each class stands on its own, and the simplest Java program can be made up of only one class. Classes are the one and only thing in Java which are capitalized. And they must be capitalized. The convention if there are more than one word which make up the class name is to capitalize each word.
Example: HelloWorldClass

(Note in the examples above that you don't need to include the words project and package and class in the name, but sometimes it is nice to do to be even more clear about what each thing is.)