IB Submission Procedures

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B4.4.2.1 Sending sample IA work for moderation
Each candidate is expected to submit their solution in a zip file (template available in the TSM), saved to a CD-ROM/DVD provided by the school ie a school with five candidates in the sample would send five CD-ROMs/DVDs to the moderator. The zip file should be labelled with the session number and candidate surname. The top level of each candidate’s zip file should contain:

•    a cover page in HTML format
•    a “product” folder, containing the final product
•    a “documentation” folder, containing the associated documentation
•    a video, demonstrating the product functioning
•    a completed 4/CompSci form as a PDF, signed and dated by the teacher and the candidate. (If that link gets broken, here is a backup hard copy of it in 2014 at this site
•    (plus the "grading comments" form supplied by IB)

The zip file for the first candidate in a school (i.e. the person with the lowest candidate number) must include a scanned copy of the IBIS print out that shows the candidates selected for the moderation sample.

For each candidate it is recommended that the teacher adds an explanation for the awarding of the marks as a PDF file within the top level folder.

folders and files to upload to IB



The product folder should contain a “working” version of the product, in whatever format it is best presented. I suggest my students to include the product as JAR file as they develop Java applications. Moderators may not have facilities to run all products that is why the video showing that the product functions is required first and foremost.



Reminder that the video should be 2-7 minutes long that focuses SOLELY on demonstrating that the product functions (no introductions to the candidate, problem discussion etc.). If it is much longer, examiners might not watch it all.

It is not necessary to zip compress/archive the solution. This will be required in the future, once electronic-upload facilities are in place.


...and I think the teacher points should be top level too.