Dossier Check-list

Dossier Check-list

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A - Planning

Problem Statement
Description of Scenario
Rational for Proposed Product
Success Criteria

B - Design (Solution Overview)

Record of Tasks
Chronological Development Plan
Class Diagram
Flow Charts
Input and Output table

C - Development

Short Introduction
Summary List of All Techniques
Structure of the Program
Data Structures Used
Main Unique Algorithms
User Interface/GUI Work
Software Tools Used

D - Video of Product (Functionality and Extensibility)
(The marker refers to Appendix 3 for the code (the program), in order to view the code with commenting.)

E - Evaluation

Evaluation of the Product
Recommendations for Future Development

Appendix # 1 - First Interview
Appendix # 2 - Clarifying Interview
Appendix # 3 - Class: Main GUI
Appendix # 4 - Class: SortAndSearch

Appendix # 5 - On-going Questions for Client