IB Notes on Word Count

"Word Limit

Students and teachers must insure that the word limit is not exceeded. If a student does exceed the word limit of 2000 words, the moderators are instructed not to read beyond this point. This means students could potentially lose marks from the last sections of the solution, such as criteria C and E (potentially worth 18 marks). Regulations regarding the use of annotations and tables should be closely followed.

During the writing of the documentation student should bear in mind the suggested word length for each section provided in this publication. Stephen should include the total number of words on the cover sheet.

Is the penalty imposed when a student does not follow the recommendations on the length of the solution?

Yes. The maximum word limit for the documentation for the solution is 2000 words. Once a student reaches this word limit no further work will be marked.

If forms, tables, bullet points or footnotes are used for extended text (for example, for explanation, analysis and evaluation) thereby trying to exclude from the word count, this text will be included in the word count."


And the Video:

"Video (2-7 minutes in length) demonstrating the product."