Case Study Advice and Suggeste Approach

More can be added to this (and a bit added in 2018)... but for now:


General Approach

- Some degree of independent/shared research should be part of the Case Study. But during years in which time constrainst don't allow this, it can be at least a good degree if independent study, if not as much independent research as it could be.


How to Use My Resources

One big thing is to watch the videos. Some are more important than others. But a lot of the key information is in them, not just in the notes. In fact, often the notes are more for filling in "blind spots" or for making connections/transitions between the information in the videos.


Approach To Exam Questions

- For question 4, do make sure to answer as a well argued and articulated narrative. This is not a time for bullet points, rather write like you are writing an extended social studies answer, only do so with lots of technical knowledge.

- Do make sure you are demonstrating with all of your answers that you have done ***extra*** research beyond the basics of knowing the terms in the Case Study document.

- Unlike Paper 1 and Paper 2, here you should write all you can. Yes, stay away from BS, but there is less the need to "stick to the facts, Ma'am", since you have 2 minutes per mark, not 1.3 minutes per mark. Paper 1 and Paper 2, you rally need to keep a good, quick pace, in order to squeeze everything in. And with those two papers there really are short, specific, "name-dropping" kinds of things the grader will be looking for. There's a whole lot more here you could have researched and learned, so you need to do your best to communicate as much of it as you can, particularly with question 4.

- Still.... NO BS!!