IB CS Assessment Statements

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Topic 1 - System Fundamentals

Topic 2 - Computer Organization

Topic 3 - Networks

Topic 4 - Computational Thinking, Problem-solving and Programming  [Programming]

Topic 5 (HL) Part 1- Abstract Data Structures   [Programming]

Topic 5 (HL) Part 2 - Recursion [Programming] (*for OOP HL too)

Topic 6 (HL) - Resource Management

Topic 7 (HL) - Control

Option D - OOP - SL [Programming]

Option D (HL) Part 1 - OOP - HL [Programming]

Option D (HL) Part 2 - Recursion [Programming] (*for Topic 5 too)


IA - "Solution" Guide

Case Study - Past and Present (HL Only)

IBO Documents

Past Examination Papers

Link to back, hands, eyes health pages - not part of this curriculum, but there is very little that is more important

ISB IBCS HW & Grading



For JSR Only Teaching Strategies:

Try the Southern Methodist guy's idea of content at home, a little quiz at the beginning of the next class, and then start with "Any questions?". At least for the easier stuff.

And this could work well when getting programming of the IAs going; programming in class, easier Topic 4 and 7 stuff mainly at home. And maybe for parts of Topic 1 too.

(And I'm pasting this here for now, as I only have a link to it, not the source file, and it's as good a place for it as any.)